Chapter Sisterhood

As a potential new member, I looked for a chapter that not only felt like home but that also embodied what the word sisterhood means. In my own definition, sisterhood is having sweet and real relationships that shine with intentionality.

Sisterhood is having friends that will be there through the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between. Sisterhood is crying and laughing over all of the times spent rehearsing Greek Sing, having intentional dates with fellow sisters throughout the year, and gearing up for test weeks.

Sisterhood is collectively feeling the significance of our philanthropy ties with St. Jude. Sisterhood is supporting and living through the big moments of becoming a Camp War Eagle Counselor, making a sports team, and finding your club or organization on campus that suits you perfectly.

Sisterhood is having sweet trips to hometowns with sisters that you find in Tri Delta. Sisterhood means looking back and realizing that your sisters have given you the best four years at Auburn. Sisterhood is what we embody in Tri Delta. 

- Emily Little, PC'19, Sisterhood Chairman