Academics are highly valued in Tri Delta and we hope to help better each and every member's college academic experience. The academic development chairman is available to members at all times and she assists those members in any way she can. Our chapter plans several events to reward members for academic excellence, and many of our chapter members are involved in the honors college a wide variety of honor societies.

 Our chapter also hosts a "Delta Dinner" where food is catered to the chapter room to recognize girls who had made a 3.5 GPA the past semester. They can pick up their meal or can eat there and hang out with other sisters! Throughout the semester, we recognize girls who have made As on their recent tests for their hard work, which is called "Deltas on the Fridge".Every week we announce a Coffee Shop of the Week, where a different coffee shop around Auburn is chosen and gives the girls a chance to go study or catch up with other girls in their sorority.

Leading into finals each semester, we have a study day in our chapter room, and members are provided with a quiet space to study with snacks and scantrons. Sisters regularly volunteer their time and resources to help tutor those who may need extra help in a class. Each year, the Phi Theta chapter recognizes an outstanding Senior and Freshman for academic excellence. 

- Anna Grace Lynam 

Director of Academic Excellence